Our loudspeakers are entirely handmade in Italy, it is an essential condition to be able to maintain high quality standards. Each phase of the production process is carefully planned down to the smallest detail by a very small number of audio technicians and craftsmen. The industrialization of the product would inevitably lead to constructive compromises that would affect the sonic performance and this is simply unacceptable for us. Tuscanini will therefore continue over time to maintain this connotation of high class audio product, almost entirely handmade. This will also allow us to customize the product according to the needs of the customer, if we were asked, even if it will mean a longer time to wait for the product and obviously higher costs. We are also proud to say that 90% of the components that make up our speakers, from the precious woods to the magnets, from the very special adhesives to the conductors of the voice coils, up to the small parts are also produced in Italy.

The TUSCANINI loudspeakers are made with an exclusive technology, in patent phase, that foresees a technique of assembling the concentric magnets. These fundamental components will have more flow as you get closer to the edges of the membrane, in this way you can drastically reduce distortions and makes the moving mass more uniformly served. In addition, the membranes are not uniformly tensioned, in this way you can create subareas that prefer mid-high frequencies compared to lower frequencies, for example, in these conditions the speaker, although electrically a two-way, mechanically you can consider it a two-way and a half. These are just a few examples of how it would be impossible to adopt these techniques with industrial equipment, but there are many other small tricks that bring our products to a higher level simply because they were born from true passion.