A journey through PASSION

The company was founded in 2015, relatively, a short time ago, but its roots must be sought much further in time about 30 years ago, when a fifteen-year-old took his first steps with the music and instruments to listen to it.

The first experiences were as a musician, to tell the truth at a VERY amateur level, but enough to make you understand exactly how an instrument should sound. When you are half a metre away from an unamplified violin or saxophone, that sound becomes part of you. In the meantime, I started attending concerts of all kinds and it soon became clear that hifi systems, even if of high rank, were not able to approach the original sound event, what I have to say is that often the music was not respected. Maybe it was in those moments that that worm of the search for a sound truth crept into me. From then on, experiments of all kinds began, which lasted for long years, in parallel with my work commitments.
I worked in the aeronautical/electronic sector and this helped me to obtain that rigorous design and, above all, implementation, given the high standards required.
I then opened a small laboratory for speaker repair, I had contacts with some audio services that would ensure a continuous workflow. I collaborated at the same time, with Si Audio of Ing. Chiappetta, with whom we became very friends and I treasured his immense technical knowledge.
I tried every kind of transducer, of the most disparate technologies, I experimented with every existing chord for speakers even with remarkable quality peaks, but the sound I was looking for, I still hadn’t found it, until, one bad autumn afternoon, a person entered the laboratory with a pair of old and huge separators to be restored, it was the six isodynamic panels of the Tympani 1D. Initially I was rather skeptical, constructively speaking they weren’t much, all very spartan and apparently approximate, I gathered information and started the restoration, but nothing could prepare me for what awaited me once finished. The first listening was enlightening, my eyes laughed, finally I had found what I had been looking for years! The contrabass was a contrabass, you could perceive the instrument box and not added to that of the cabinet or the chord, simply because they were not there, the soundstage was correct, not holographic, but exactly as I listened to it at concerts, transparency record, low listening fatigue, you could and follow the bass line perfectly, in short, we were there! Obviously that sound was not without flaws, the dynamics were limited compared to other systems, but I realized that was the way to go.
From then on it’s more recent history, I started my path to optimize and improve an existing technology, which after many years has led to planar speakers Tuscanini acoustics